Tips and resources when opening your relationship

There is no one right way to do polyamory.

But it is Polyamory South Africa’s stance that there are many wrong ways to do polyamory.

We want to promote healthy, ethical relationships whether they are polyamorous or not.

We try to use inclusive language and use diverse examples. If you feel excluded, please tell us and we will try to correct it.

How do you start a healthy polyamorous relationship?

Where do you even start? This conversation, more than most others, has the potential to damage or even destroy your existing relationship. 1. Know why you want to explore ethical non – monogamy. This means you need to be really honest about your own motivations. If your real motivation is...

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How to get polyamory wrong

There’s no one right way to do any relationship, but there are plenty of wrong ways. And the way polyamorous relationships begin sometimes dooms them from the start. Here are some common reasons that people are attracted to polyamory: 💙 We want a “third” 💙 I think Polyamory will be...

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What polyamory can teach us about the workplace

Workplaces, like the rest of our lives, are full of relationships. Polyamory is a way of structuring multiple committed relationships. Ideally, we have many committed relationship at work as well. And sometimes the relationship or goals come into conflict with each other. Healthy polyamory and the healthy workplace relationships both...

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When the parents are polyamorous, do the children suffer?

When people meet somebody in a polyamorous relationship, one of their first questions is “what about the kids?” This is dressed up as concern, but the people asking the question think that children will automatically be traumatized if their parents are open about having more than one partner — even...

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