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Polyamory news in a South African context

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Submit your comments on the Marriage Act Green Paper

We would like to invite you to make submissions to the government about the green paper.   SA Government is thinking of legalizing polyamory Here’s what we’re doing. If you’d like to help, that would be great! The SA Government has proposed legalizing polygamy for all. On the Department of...

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What polyamory can teach us about the workplace

Workplaces, like the rest of our lives, are full of relationships. Polyamory is a way of structuring multiple committed relationships. Ideally, we have many committed relationship at work as well. And sometimes the relationship or goals come into conflict with each other. Healthy polyamory and the healthy workplace relationships both...

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When the parents are polyamorous, do the children suffer?

When people meet somebody in a polyamorous relationship, one of their first questions is “what about the kids?” This is dressed up as concern, but the people asking the question think that children will automatically be traumatized if their parents are open about having more than one partner — even...

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Polyamory South Africa on Whisper (social network)

There is a Polyamory South Africa Whisper group! Click Here for the link: Whisper is A completely anonymous social network. No names. And you can’t even follow anybody! It’s super-local so you get to see whispers from people In a 15-40km radius. Every time you are in a different place, your...

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