You may have many questions about Polyamory and chances are they’ve been asked before. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers

Is this just a new way to cheat?

Short answer : No.

Many people without an understanding of polyamory sometimes see it as “a way to cheat” or “cheating with permission”

The definition of cheating varies from individual to individual. That being said, The basis of cheating is deception and betrayal.

Polyamory encourages honesty at all times and it can therefore not be deceptive. Cheating can and does happen in polyamorous relationships but that does not mean that polyamory is “a form of cheating” or “cheating with permission”

lying, promises, deception

Is this a foreign concept?

Short answer: No

In an African context, plural relationshipsform part of manyAfrican cultures across the continent. From the Zulu tradition of iSithembu, secondary polyandry of the G/wi of South Africa to the Masai of Kenya, there are many examples of polyamory across the history of our continent.

Is it natural?

Short answer: Yes

If humans are doing it, then its natural for humans to do it. 

Many concepts that we believe to be natural to humans are often found to be societal structures.

How do you cope with feelings of Jealousy?

Short answer: With alot of introspection

Jealousy is normal in all relationships, romantic or not. 

These feelings require processing and communication. Asking yourself where it comes from and communicating your needs with your partner if you need to.

How does it affect the children?

Short answer: There is none

Like with many things in life, the effect on the children of polyamorous relationships depends on that specific families’ dynamics.

However, when all partners are focused on the best interests of the children and are able to communicate with them effectively, polyamorous relationships can be very beneficial to raising a healthy and stable family based on trust and honesty.

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