South African polyamory resources

Polyamory in South Africa

Can you have drama-free romantic and intimate relationships — with more than one person? Here’s where to find your polyamorous community in South Africa.

This is the official site that brings together polyamorous South Africa. Here you will find resources, links to communities and knowledge and everything you need to take your next step into polyamory.

We have updates / resources on Polyamory and non-monogamy in South Africa.
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Tools and resources for drama-free non-monogamy

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Poly in the media

Polyamory in the news and popular culture.

What is polyamory and can it work?

Where to find Polyamorists in South Africa

IRL Come to Poly Cocktails in PTA and JNB Click here (Opens in Meetup) or Poly Cocktails on Facebook

Online: Join Polyamory South Africa on Facebook and Instagram

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Important dates

Offical Polyamory Calendar

Metamour day, 28 February; take Valentine’s day (14 Feb) double the love, and you get 28 Feb!

Solo Poly day, 11 March; there are other Singles days out there, notably 11/11 in Asia (less than two weeks from Polyamory day), and either 13 or 15 Feb, to flank Valentine’s day. The 11th March was invented by relationship counsellors to celebrate and empower those who identify as single. Sounds perfect for Solo Poly!

Bisexual Visibility Day, 23 September. First celebrated right here in South Africa!

Coming Out day, 11 October. This is an LGBT+ day. Polyamory is not LGBT+, but maybe this is the perfect day to be a good ally and come out. Especially if you’re poly and bi.

23 November, Polyamory Day, promulgated by the Canadians to mark the anniversary of polyamorous relationships in Canada. Caveat: you can be legally polyamorous in Canada, but don’t try to get married. That’s still legally dodgy.

Official polyamory calendar